Difference between Soft Pack Li-Po and Hard Case Li-po

Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) batteries are the bread and butter of any Remote Controlled vehicles. From mAH amount to C-rating discharge rates, it can be very confusing for the casual Drone Pilot. Most Agriculture drones are powered by Li-Po Batteries that come in 2 different configurations – Soft pack Li-Po and hard pack Li-Po (also known as hard case Li-Po). Here we have listed the main differences between the two Li-Po battery configurations for you to make a well-informed decision when selecting 3rd party batteries for your Agriculture Drone. 

Drones are usually powered by Li-Po batteries


Advantages of Soft Pack Li-Po

– The biggest advantage of a soft pack Li-Po is the weight savings as it is wrapped in heat shrink plastic rather than a bulky plastic case. This would help reduce the take-off weight greatly. Any weight reduction will improve flight times of your drone 

– Soft pack Li-Po’s are also smaller in size since they’re made with the bare minimum amount of materials.  

– Due to the relatively thin protective heat shrinking, it is also easier to see if the battery is physically damaged, “puffing” and “bloating” due to misuse, overdischarge or improper storage.  

– Without a hard casing protecting the battery, you can generally fit more batteries in a small space when compared to a hard case Li-Po    

Advantages of Hard Pack Li-Po

– Protection and durability are the number 1 reason why you should use a hard case Li-Po. They are usually built with a sturdy thick plastic casing that covers the entire battery and protects it from bumps, scratches and harsh environments.  

– In Agriculture Drones, most hard case Li-Po comes with a “Smart” feature. Depending on the model, you can check the count of cycles and battery level. 

– Hard Case Li-Po usually has a balance cable port, rather than a fixed cable like a soft pack Li-Po. 


Disadvantages of Soft Pack Li-Po

– Li-Po batteries are fragile and soft pack Li-Po’s can be physically damaged easily if mishandled, or if your drone crashes. One of the big downsides of using a Li-Po battery is that it can easily catch fire if the cells are punctured. 

Disadvantages of Hard Pack Li-Po 

– Hard case Li-Po’s are heavier when compared to a soft pack Li-Po with the same cell and mAh count.  

– There is less mAh capacity and power in a hard pack Li-Po when comparing it to a soft pack Li-Po with the same weight. 

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