lipo battery tips

Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are now found in a wide range of consumer electronic gadgets such as drones; these batteries power the majority of agriculture drones. Here are some Lipo battery tips to keep your agriculture drone flying in great condition!



Common Dont’s

– Avoid dropping or hitting the battery.  

– Never expose the battery to fire.  

– Do not tamper with the battery’s cells.  

– Do not pierce or damage the battery with any sharp objects.   


When charging or discharging a Li-Po battery, there are a few safety measures to take note of in order to ensure that you are out of harm’s way and that your battery is well maintained.

Here are some tips on how you can practice safe charging:

– Always use a charger made specifically for Li-Po batteries.

– Always check for damages on the battery before charging. Defects on battery may cause battery failure due to short circuit.

– Always keep an eye on your Li-Po batteries while they’re charging. Leaving the battery unattended might cause unexpected issues such as fire.

– Stop charging when the battery is fully charged and never overcharge a Li-Po battery.

– Always take out your batteries when charging. Never charge it when it is inside your drone.

– Never leave your Li-Po batteries fully charged for longer than a couple of days. You will need to discharge it if the battery is not in use.

– Never charge a battery that is warm from usage, and vice versa. Batteries that are frequently exposed to heat will have a shorter lifespan.

– Never charge batteries around flammable objects and fluids. Ensure that your battery is on a concrete or ceramic surface as materials such as wood or carpet may cause a fire.


One of the most common hazards when it comes to batteries is fire. However, taking necessary precautions storing your Li-Po battery can help prevent fire from occurring. Properly storing a Li-Po battery can also prolong its lifespan and decrease the likelihood of the battery getting damaged. 

These are ways you can store your Li-Po batteries:  

– Always store your Li-Po battery in a fireproof bag or case. Storing your battery in a regular or travelling case for a long time may cause fire due to the material of the bag.   

– Keep batteries away from hot environments. Exposing your battery to heat will shorten its lifespan and run a risk of fire.  

– Keep batteries away from extremely cold environments. Cold environments can be dangerous for your Li-Po batteries as it can cause condensation when exposed to sudden heat.  

– Do not leave your Li-Po batteries fully charged or drained when it is not in use.  

– Always detach the batteries when it is not in use. 

Fly More Combo

All our drone models have Fly More Combos available. With these Lipo battery tips, you’ll be able to keep your agriculture drone in great condition for a long time!


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Lipo Battery Tips

lipo battery tips Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are now found in a wide range of consumer electronic gadgets such as drones; these batteries power the

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