Maintenance, repair and more

Repair & Maintenance

We know that downtime costs money and we’re here to help. Our Centre of Excellence branches located across the country can cater to any repair and maintenance needs.
All models of the Mist Drone is covered under a 1 year limited warranty to help safeguard you from.


Whether you’re looking to map out your Paddy field, Durian orchard or Oil-palm plantation, our suite of LiDAR systems can provide high-quality, fast and accurate terrain mapping at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional mapping

Spare Parts

With the largest agriculture drone spare parts inventory in Malaysia, get access to high quality parts for your drone at any of our branches located across the country.

Drone Pilot Training

We don’t just sell the drones, we’ll teach you how to fly them. We’re here to provide you with all the training and best practices of flying a drone.

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